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Maharishi School Students Yarn to Gman on 3KND's ON TRACK

Maharishi School is a culturally-diverse, secular Primary School. Maharishi School takes pride in its ability to provide an environment for its students that values the benefits that come with nurturing young people’s individuality.

The school offers the Victorian Curriculum, enhanced with an approach to learning that integrates the principles of Consciousness-Based Education and Transcendental Meditation. This provides the basis of our unique approach that fosters the ability for children to think more deeply and develop valuable personal qualities of resilience, decision-making, insight, adaptability and purposefulness.

The year 5/6 class yarn to Gman on 3KND's ON TRACK about their schooling and why they love their school.

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Adam Stephens
Adam Stephens
Nov 30, 2023

It’s cool that the kids were able to do it and they managed to join Gman on the 3KND ON TRACK track. When I was in medical college, I also wanted to go to a similar event, but due to the large number of assignments assigned in college, I couldn’t. If I had known earlier that there were services that could write nursing paper reviews for me, I would have been there a long time ago. No problem, I'll go next year :)

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