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Marsha Uppill. A proud Adnyamathanha Woman on a mission to create change for young women & business

Marsha Uppill is a proud Adnyamathanha Woman on a mission to help create change at a foundational level. After experiencing a life of inter generational trauma with her mother being a part of the stolen generation, family violence and racism. After a true turning point by being connected back to her culture, Marsha’s knew instantly what she needed to do to start to make things right again for her people.

Since then Marsha has worked her way through many government sectors, educating herself on as many systems so that she could infiltrate change. Since then she has become an entrepreneur with an incredible goal to use her business and cultural skills to assist other Australian business to create systemic and strategic changes to assist the Close the Gap agenda. Her business – Arranyinha provides solutions for Aboriginal business systems and Western business systems to work together. But her vision doesn’t just stop there, she now has her sights set on supporting your women in the Geelong area with her new venture.


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