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Matthew Lloyd joins Gman on Big Brekkie

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Matthew Lloyd has connections to the Darumbal people in Rockhampton and was born and raised on Wadawurrung country in Geelong. Matt has been working in health and community services for over 20 years in both frontline and senior roles and is the Deputy Chief Aboriginal Health Adviser at the Victorian Department of Health.

Matt joins Gman on Big Brekkie at 8.30 to yarn about COVID-19 restrictions

* COVID-19 vaccination * Coping with lockdown and mental health * Where to get help

He is passionate about improving service systems through the application of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge and practice. Born and raised on Wadawurrung Country, with cultural connections to the Darumbal people, Matthew enjoys spending time with family doing everyday things, and being involved in Aboriginal health research where he feels privileged to be listening and learning from the stories and perspectives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


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