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Mayor Lina Messina The New Mayor of Darebin

Mayor Lina Messina states that Darebin is a great municipality - I love our unique social and cultural diversity. We know there are many things we can do to collectively make our city even better. For me that includes transparency, social inclusion and good governance. We need to ensure that our planning scheme balances growth with sustainable and appropriate developments that are congruent with our neighbourhood character. We need to stimulate jobs and economic development and foster the arts, culture and heritage that underpin our community identity. The new Mayor yarns with Gman on Big Brekkie.

It is an honour and a duty to serve Darebin as Mayor. I pledge to serve with passion, integrity and pride. I am proud to stand here as the Mayor of this vibrant, progressive and most importantly inclusive municipality. This term will be exciting and productive. To the people of Central ward there are no words that express my gratitude for your confidence, trust and your hope for this term.... As a council we will need to capitalise on Councillor’s individual strengths, talents and attributes. We’ll need to embody cohesion, trust and strong working relationships. I am passionate about making a contribution to our community and honoured and humbled by the trust placed in me and the Council. I'm a mother, grandmother, Pandemic Officer, business advocate, waste warrior. And as a former Deputy Mayor and an Independent Councillor in the City of Darebin for the last four years, I know how to get things done. This is my community.

In the 1980's I ran the Preston Technical School Breakfast Program and was the inaugural member of the School Council. I began my career selling fabric in 'Queen of the North' in the Preston Market and now have over two decades of experience as a small business owner. Economic stability, entwined with social cohesion, will underpin our well-being as we emerge from this crisis. From working with First Home Owners to assisting small businesses through the last economic downturn, I have extensive experience in the finance industry. And for over a decade, I have been working as a professional in the Aged Care and Disability Sector. My goal is to ensure that my clients remain living independently at home, based on their cultural expectations.


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