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Mayor of Darebin City Council Susan Rennie chats about the Preston Market

Construction on the Preston Market began in October 1969 when Preston Mayor W. K. Larkins drove home the first stake in the site of the former Broadhurst Tannery. The original investment in the site was $2 million. Mayor Susan Rennie chats with Gman about what is happening with Preston Market and what Role council is playing.

The market opened in 1970 and by 1976 the market had grown to include 46 green grocers, 15 delicatessens, 4 fish shops, 4 poultry shops, 19 butchers and a variety of small goods shops including toys, clothes, carpets, plants, and sporting goods. In 2004 the owners of Preston Market, Centro MCS, sold the property to Salta Properties for $36.75 million.

The new company plans to renovate the site. “Preston Market is extremely important to our community, and it’s critical that, during the VPA’s drafting of the planning controls and the owners’ redevelopment, the Market keeps its special character intact and thrives for future generations to enjoy,” said Mayor Rennie. Although Council is not the site owner, or the authority responsible for approving any redevelopment application, Council has consistently called on the site owner and State Government to prioritise the interests of the traders, community and future users of Preston Market


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