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Meet Charles Pakana. A proud Aboriginal man raising awareness for mental health in community.

Born Keir Wells, he is known within the Victorian Aboriginal and general community as Charles Pakana. A proud Aboriginal man of Tasmanian descent Charles is the second of three generations of Aboriginal journalists, Charles is the founder and owner of Connection Matters Radio and is the host of 3KND's much loved Sixties Sojourn show.

Charles is also an author and has been a public speaker on mental health. After many years of working on his onw mental health issues and becoming a strong advocator of raising awareness on mental health, breaking its stigma and seeking support, Charles yarns with Natasha about his personal journey.

From addiction to manic depression, in this very intimate interview Charles reveals some of his own realizations and strategies to work through mental health challenges. In honor of mental health awareness month Charles shares his highs, lows and why it is so important to have the sometimes uncomfortable conversations around our own mental health.


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