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Memorabilia with a message

Mixing a spin on popular culture and the representation of Australia's First Nations People, Wadawurrung Artist Kait James delivers a message with an impact on her souvenir Tea Towels.

Kait's latest work takes a dig at the 'Life's pretty straight without ....' buy line and incorporates that into her latest work on Treaty in the 8th Koorie Art Show at Koorie Heritage Trust .

Kait uses punch needling techniques with bright wool and cotton to deliver a medium that is part of her First Nations and Celtic ancestory.

She says she is blown away by the response by the broader public on the Treaty Tea Towel and she feels it is something people can relate to.

Kait says she admires the work that the First Peoples Assembly of Victoria are doing on setting up Treaty negotiations with the state government of Victoria.

She says 'I'm really grateful for their commitment in such a complicated process'

Kait's journey as a Artist started with her studying photography which has now developed into a series of souvenir tea towels taking a humorous stab at Aboriginal souvenir Tea Towels from the 70s and 80s. Her work has also been exhibited at the NGV and other galleries and she says this her way of story telling.

Life’s pretty sh*tty without a…" 2020

Cotton and yarn on printed cotton

Photo by Christian Capurro

In this interview for Balit Dhumba Kait shares her vision for Treaty, her culture and arts journey as she paves the way for a new generation of artists who aren't afraid to say it like it is.

What's next for Kait James? She says 'I'm doing a lot of pieces at the moment and I have five at Geelong Gallery'. She also has a solo exhibition coming up in May at the Ballarat Gallery.

If you would like to check out Kait's Treaty Tea Towel and the other pieces of work in the exhibition head to the Koorie Heritage Trust.

You can visit the exhibition on site or online for the 8th Koorie Art Show.


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