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Michael Waugh Joins The 3KND Network Talking About Performing In Tamworth

A beautiful storyteller and song writer by the name of Michael Waugh joins the 3KND network today talking to BB Adams and Gypsy about performing in Tamworth and how he loves to interact with his fans through his truth telling which you get while experiencing his concerts.

Since his 2016 debut, Michael Waugh has released three albums of deeply relatable, emotional story songs based on characters and events from around his hometown of Maffra in Eastern Victoria. Fans of the singer-songwriter have rusted on to his uniquely Australian narrative style.

It may be this love for storytelling in his work as a Drama teacher that has led to the character driven story songs which are uniquely specific to The Cast; the 13 tracks on the record are little slice of life dramas that play out through the album.

Crafted by multi-award-winning producer Shane Nicholson, who has partnered with Waugh on all of his four records, The Cast features a duet with Golden Guitar Award Winning artist, Felicity Urquhart (who also lends her voice to backing vocals throughout the record).

Reading the credits is a testament to Nicholson’s freakish skill and talent – not only did he record, engineer and mix the album, he also played at least 17 instruments.


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