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Mick Harding Caring For Country

Mick Harding is a member of the Yowong-Illam-Baluk and Nattarak Baluk clans of the Taungurung People. Mick has served the Community as an integral part of the Treaty Working Group, Board Member of the Taungurung Land and Waters Council, Koorie Heritage Trust and Indigenous Architecture ad Design Victoria. For over twenty years he has worked in Cultural Heritage as an Archaeological Site Officer, Cultural Officer and Inspector. Mick once again yarns up on 3KND with Gman about What is the importance or meaning of caring for Country to you? How do you care or help others care (or helped others in the past to care) for Country?

We spoke about the broad topic of ‘Caring for Country’ and protecting Aboriginal Cultural Heritage; the role of the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council in this space and promotion for the Indigenous Cultural Heritage Conference in March 2021 and how the Conference will progress actions and attitudes around caring for Country.

Caring for Country is a Council initiative to support Traditional Owners in undertaking their responsibilities for Country. It provides a space for Traditional Owners to talk about why it is important to protect Cultural Heritage and discuss how it is managed on Country.


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