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Movember and Lifeblood Team up. Roll up your sleeve & Give The Gift Of Life.

Ashleigh Hales, Group Account Manager Regional Partnerships Bundoora of Australian red Cross Life Blood joined the crew on the Midday Rush to talk about the partnership this month to promote Men’s health with the Movember movement.

This month is Movember and Lifeblood has teamed up to get more of us aware of the need for blood and plasma donations.

4 out of 5 of the leading causes of men’s death need blood treatments to assist to

keep them healthy!

This month there’s even an amazing limited edition bandage for those giving blood or plasma donations. If you have type O+ or O- Lifeblood is keen to get more donations as stocks are running low!

You can join the 3KnD Community Radio Lifeblood team and support giving blood and feeling good about helping our brothers.


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