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Nadia Morrison From The Ancient Bloods On Midday Rush

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

The Ancient Bloods singer NADIA MORRISON joined MIDDAY RUSH host Isaac Muller on 3KND Kool N Deadly.

Nadia yarns up about current positive and negative influences on community. Nadia's connection to The Ancient Bloods is developing and sharing deadly music but also helping to close the gap, responding to political issues and building connection to previous generations.

Nadia is a proud Butchulla (Fraser Island, Queensland) and Gala (Gulf of Carpentaria) woman. Her connection to culture is strong but it’s important that she views her tradition knowledge as an ongoing journey where she will continue to learn more through the support of family. Her current passion with mob is learning language which is being integrated into the chores of many tunes. This is Nadia’s way to continue song lines. Nadia is an extremely humble woman, her appreciation for the platform that she has received is being utilized to create a voice for the Aboriginal community.


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