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Nathan Dodd aka "The White Ball Specialist" on the Big Brekky Show

“To be the best, you need to learn from the best”

Franchise cricket is a new idea in Australia, so to find experienced personnel is hard! So when you get the chance to work with not only a Cricket Australia Level 3 High Performance Coach, but also someone who has coached cricket franchise teams around the world, you definitely take it!! Nathan Dodd has come on board with The Darling Dingoes to share his wisdom with players coaches and managers of our senior and U19 men’s squads, wisdom which will be invaluable! Nathan is my special guest today around 8.30am…so lock it in.

The Brisbane Premier League (BPL) will be the first APL league to launch in the inaugural 2021 season in what will be a game-changing development of the sport. The five-week season will see eight privately owned franchises select their teams at an auction night for seniors and draft day for juniors. By revitalising and strengthening amateur cricket, male and female players will be able to experience what it’s like to play at a professional level. “Children thrive from inspiration and it comes to them in many ways,” Mark Nicholas said. “Australian cricket has a long and storied history but, to today’s generation, it’s the heroes of the moment and the version of the game that best suits their lives which matters most. “T20 cricket has modernised cricket’s appeal and the IPL has given it a previously unimagined profile and engagement,” he said.

The Darling Dingoes-a Darling Downs based T20 franchise that play in the Brisbane Premier League (BPL). Owned by Toowoomba business owners Kenneth Wagner, Nick Payne and Grant Spies, the Dingoes not only capture the Downs areas, but also the rest of QLD. When you become a Dingo, the first thing you will notice is that you have become a member of The Pack! With a team first mentality, we play smart with contagious competitiveness; some would say almost ‘aggressive’! We handle ourselves with Respect, focus on Relationships, and radiate Resilience. But most of all, we make sure we have a good time doing it! You are Proud to be a Dingo!

Nathan Dodd aka "The White Ball Specialist". With worldwide coaching experience Nathan has been in and around some of the best coaches and players the world has seen. Some honourable mentions include:  Consultant White Ball Coach, Otago Volts, New Zealand Domestic Competition  Consultant Development Coach, NSW Men's Squad  Head Coach of Pokhara Rhinos, T20 Everest Premier League Nepal  Senior Assistant Coach, Australian Cricket Team for players with an Intellectual Disability

Not only does Nathan have a CV with exceptional experience, he is also an accredited Cricket Australia Level 3 High Performance and England Cricket Board Level 2 coach. “Australian cricket has a long and storied history but, to today’s generation, it’s the heroes of the moment and the version of the game that best suits the lives they live which matters most.”

The BPL is a franchise driven T20 cricket tournament for juniors (under 12’s through to under 19’s) and senior cricketers. It will create new pathways for players to showcase their talent in hopes of boosting the standard of cricket in Australia and pathways for state-level cricket. Former Australian and Queensland legend, Ian Healy AO, said this competition will provide players with some great opportunities at every level. “Many cricketers of all ages want to play more each season!” Healy said.

“The Australian Premier League has created just that, for those who nominate and are drafted. “New clubs, privately owned, hosting U12’s right through to Opens, accompanying existing cricketing structures, will definitely excite plenty. “Brisbane is delighted to be the first market of interest in Australia,” he said.'

Games will be live streamed ensuring amateur cricket commands the attention it deserves and reaches the widest possible audience. The purpose of this quality competition is to allow future generations to shape the cricketing landscape through their own experiences and enjoyment. The APL is inviting people to become a part of shaping the future of cricket giving the opportunity to become a franchise owner for the new competition. Franchise owners will be able to build their teams the way they like, along with ground floor opportunities and a simple revenue model for a return on investment and long-term potential.

Multiple streams of revenue for a return on the investment can also be focused in with sponsorships, coaching clinics, clothing, merchandise sales and other events. “Cricket and sport generally is an incredible enabler in our communities,” Stuart Giles said. “Cathie and I are very excited to be involved in launching the Australian Premier League as we believe it is a game changer for cricket in Australia.

“We are looking forward to bringing whatever expertise and experience we can to the table to help the APL become an integral part of the Australian cricket landscape,” he said.


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