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National Aboriginal Press Club

The new National Aboriginal Press Club hosted the Victorian Treaty Advancement Commissioner Jill Gallagher AO and Victorian Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Gavin Jennings at an the Richmond Football Club, Richmond. The speakers discussed steps towards electing the First Peoples' Assembly of Victoria and its role in advancing treaty negotiations with the Victorian Government. 3KND broadcast this event live to air uninterrupted on there network to a National audience.

Wurundjeri elder Uncle Colin Hunter performed welcome to country that had all in the room silent as Uncle Colin shared stories of his country and upbringing. Richard Frankland as MC for this Treaty Conversation at the National Aboriginal Press Club made sure the event stayed on track to the applause of those present.

A good number attended with elders from Canberra and Gippsland making up the diverse crowd. This event was the second national aboriginal press club event brought on by the centre for aboriginal independence and enterprise.

The National Aboriginal Press Club is an initiative of the Centre for Aboriginal Independence and Enterprise. Sponsors were the media entertainment and arts alliance and Australian national university.


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