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Neale Williams Comes Into The Station For Friends With Wendy & Pete

Welsh born singer, songwriter and guitarist Neale Williams started his musical journey in North Queensland 28 years ago, cutting his teeth in venues around Townsville and surrounding cities. He formed The Electric Mud Blues Band in 1997 playing festivals and support slots for the likes of Jeff Lang, Hatz Fitz and Phil Emmanuel before returning to his home state of Victoria in 2003 where he forged a solo career around the Goulburn Valley. In 2010 he formed Willie and the Dixons with ex Dutch Tilders’ rhythm section, Peter Beulke (bass guitar) and Rob O’Toole (drums) with the band forming a solid reputation for providing roadhouse style blues music to crowds both in the Goulburn Valley and the Melbourne blues scenes.

2013 saw the release of their first album Long Road to Longwood which saw the band sign a representation deal with Windmill Music in NYC, USA and receive international airplay. In 2015 they released their second album, ‘VAPORIZER’ which reached number 8 on the Australian Blues Airplay Charts. The band played support for acts such as Phil Manning, Kevin Borich and Nick Barker with Neale performing a guest spot at the Thredbo Blues Festival in 2017.

Neale continued to play solo and duo gigs during this time while adding more self-penned songs to his repertoire, many of which telling stories of life, the road and the land. After the disruption that eventuated from the COVID outbreak, Neale has returned to playing solo and duo gigs around rural Victoria and although his style is still firmly rooted in the blues, his live act has now become a chance to tell stories of life in songs.


Neale’s Youtube page


Helen Brook Music Management HB: 0409783577


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