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NEPHU Episode 11 Your Community Health

Updated: Jun 24

 On the latest episode of The Health Yarn on 3KND Kool 'N' Deadly , radio host, Jodii Geddes, is joined by Aunty Sharon Bamblett and Uncle Andrew Morrison from Your Community Health (YCH) Aboriginal Health Team to discuss the services YCH offer and how to access their programs.

Tune in for information about:

 The importance of local First Nations communities Health Centers

👨🏾‍👩🏾‍👧🏽‍👦🏽 The importance of being aware of respectful cultural behaviours, such as using Indigenous location names.

 Learning how to support Indigenous health literacy needs in community and clinical settings

To listen to this episode, and catch up on all the ones you might have missed, visit:     

 For more information about YCH, visit: 


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