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New Sensation Jada Weazel talks about her life with music and new single "No Peace"

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

As a believer of everything happening in due time, Jada Weazel has long been preparing for her moment of arrival.

Developing a love of music from a young age, the foundation for Jada’s artistry was built on exposure to music through her family who have deep ties in songwriting and performing.

Growing up listening to the greats like Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston and entering her formative years, the music of empowered voices like Beyoncé and Alicia Keys began to leave their impact on Jada – R&B and soul music was a place where she found fulfillment and comfort.

And it was in this musical space where she could eventually create a distinct sound of her own.

Growing up in the Aboriginal community of Woorabinda in Central Queensland, Jada followed her songwriting ambition out of its fledgling stages after finishing school; spending the immediate years after between Brisbane and Melbourne working with established producers to assist the early evolution of her sound.

What became evident from those early sessions was Jada’s natural talents as a songwriter and storyteller. Under the mentorship and guidance of songwriter & musical mentor Stephen Collins, Jada’s confidence bolstered; her artistic maturity flourishing, as her lyricism became more empowered with each session completed.

“Songwriting is so intricate and has so much power; and it was Stephen that allowed me the space to be vulnerable so that I can write what is true to me and what I’ve gone through. Not everyone may be able to relate to my story, but they can connect to my words in their own way once they take the time to listen.” explains Jada.

To listen to Jada Weazel’s music, exemplified in 2023 with the release of her debut project No Peace is to gain an insight into a young person’s journey of navigating periods of turmoil, pain and self-discovery.

Against beautiful arrangements produced by ARIA and APRA-winning names including, LEN20 and UNO Stereo, Jada Weazel is a hypnotic force.

Sonically, the music evokes the sophistication and elevation of artists like Snoh Aalegra, H.E.R. and SZAJada’s own vocals delivering lyrics with a buttery finish that makes the overall product impossible not to become captivated by. Keenly aware of where moments of delicate nuance can elevate the harder hitting production notes, Jada uses sonic light and shade to emphasis the narrative of each track.

Lead single ‘Skin’ is a prime example of the way textures and sensitivity in both music and lyrics fuel a stunning final product. This is music set to translate beautifully in the live space too, with Jada spending much of the lead up to the release of No Peace conceptualising her new live shows.

Having already cut her teeth as a performer on stages alongside the likes of Mo’Ju and Miiesha, Jada’s own stage presence balances grace with a natural strength behind the mic. And with a project like No Peace set to invite people in to get to know her better, Jada Weazel hopes to foster community through her music.

The way she embraces painful memories and experiences that had become easier to repress, in a way that instead focuses on healing and the acknowledgement of one’s strength in overcoming, speaks to Jada’s clarity of creative vision.

In realising music’s therapeutic potential, Jada faced darkness with an open heart and mind; through the creation of an EP like No Peace, she has emerged not just as a songwriter to watch, but a young woman who is excited to offer this feeling of comfort to those who find themselves needing it in music.

“To be honest, to pull all of the pain and hurt I went through and put that it into my music, was such a scary thing to do but being vulnerable in that process is something that is so important to me. I always want to keep that honesty in my music.” states Jada.

“I’m proud of the No Peace project and now it’s, “where do I go from here?”. I’m excited for what’s coming next.”


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