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Ngarra Jarra Noun Heal Through Ceremonial Fire

NGARRA JARRA NOUN Heal through ceremonial Fire and Welcome to Country took place yesterday at BIRRARUNG MARR Yarra River. Birrarung is a Wurundjeri word meaning”ever flowing”.

Hundreds showed up to take part in a special gathering dedicated to healing and acknowledging those we have lost over the last 12 months.

This all came about with the hard work of Mandy Nicholson and Stacie NichoPiper who are Wurundjeri, Dja Dja wurrung and Ngurai illum wurrung woman.

From a smoking ceremony to a welcome to country, the day drew many as Bunjil shone its warm rays of sunshine on all.

Elders, families and youth talked there talk and told there stories of why they were there. Songs were sung and as a group the healing blanket of the ancestors blessed us all.

The Dirri Djirri are the only Wurundjeri female dance group, and also Traditional Custodians of Narrm (Melbourne). Djirri Djirri means Willy Wagtail in Woiwurrung, the language of Wurundjeri people, the Traditional Custodians of Narrm (Melbourne) and surrounds. The Willy Wagtail the Spirit Bird, gave us dance! Many of our group have danced since they were young children, while others have learnt as adults. Our dances are created to honour our Liwik (Ancestors), Kerr-up-non (Family), Biik (Country) and animals. We are all related by blood through one woman, Annie Borate, William Barak's sister. We teach our dancers to also sing in Woiwurrung language, our Mother Tongue. Pictures by Benny Clarke and 3KND Team. KoolNDeadly connecting country.


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