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NGARRA JARRA NOUN - Healing Ceremony Nicky Winmar 30th Anniversary.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Nicky Winmar's display of courage and triumph in the face of racism during the Victoria Park AFL game on April 17th, 1993.

Post-game, Winmar lifted his shirt and pointed to the colour of his skin and said,

“I’m black and I’m proud to be black”. The moment of resistance was captured by photographer Wayne Ludbey and was published in the newspaper the next day.

This event was organised by Nathan Lovette-Murray and MC of the night Jason Tamiru,

Welcome to Country done by Uncle Colin Hunter, a performance by, Bobby Bonnell, Kutcha Edwards and the Murrundaya Yepenga Dance Group, Wulumbarra Dance Group, Koorie Youth Will Shake Spears and Djirri Djirri Dancers.

On Tuesday 18th April at Victoria Park in Collingwood there was a celebration, and traditional healing ceremony held for AFL legend Nicky Winmar.

Hundreds turned out to reflect on Nicky’s public stance on racism that took place 30 years ago at Victoria Park in front of Collingwood supporters at their former headquarters.

The night was for people to come together, celebrate and heal and to move forward. It was great to so many people united for an important time in Australian sports in particularly AFL with past and present players walking alongside Nicky including his former St Kilda team mate Gilbert McAdam and Micheal Long.


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