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Ngarrindjeri Elder Major Moogy Sumner AM talks Treaty and cultural law.

Ngarrindjeri Elder Major Moogy Sumner AM joins Kirstyn on Balit Dhumba to talk Treaty in response to the pause on Treaty negotiations set by the state government of South Australia.

According to ANTAR in 2018 Treaty negotiations took place with the Narungaa, Adnymathanha and Ngarrindjeri nations in South Australia leading to the signing of the Buthera Agreement with the Labor state government.

The liberal party was elected in during that year and the Treaty process was paused.

The newly appointed state government decided to implement the Aboriginal Affairs Action Plan. Link to the report:

Uncle Moogy says people in South Australia are angry and are calling for the Treaty discussion to continue, he says Aboriginal people are also angry with each other and clan based Treaties would help heal Aboriginal nations when it comes to the challenges of boundaries and land rights and other community business.

Uncle Moogy thinks there should be a new law in Australia for everyone and that the Westminster System of Government should pack up and go home.

Through his life journey he learned his Ngarrindjeri customary law and as a initiated man he now teaches children stories and dancing.

He says these stories always have a lesson in them and that these lessons also apply to adults as he explains how all cultures including European have folk law with messages in them.

His work as a Greens candidate shows the strength of how working with like minded people can take on systemic challenges for both First Nations and Non-Indigenous people living with in South Australia.

You can learn more about Uncle Major Moogy Sumner's work on his candidate Facebook page or on the Greens Website.…ens-candidate-mayo

Photos: Major Moogy Sumner AM, Major Moogy Sumner AM and Glenda Nicholls-Justin McManus.


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