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Performer Mitch Tambo Releases his Brand New Single 'LOVE'

Renowned for his didgeridoo playing, actor, presenter and performer Mitch Tambo is one of Australia’s most talented entertainers. A proud Gamilaraay man, Mitch lights up any arena with a passion and deep commitment to his First Nations culture and the people he represents. Mitch yarns with Gman on Big Brekkie live to air. Mitch Tambo has released his new single ‘LOVE’ following his iconic performance at Fire Fight Australia with John Farnham, Olivia Newton-John and Queen’s Brian May.

An upbeat anthem, sung in Tambo’s Gamilaraay language, ‘LOVE’ delivers a powerful message of hope to a world undergoing crisis. “Within this current climate, we find ourselves in isolation craving for many of the things we love in this world. ‘LOVE’ is a reminder to reach deep down within, heal and set our spirits free with love, healing and hope for a better tomorrow”, Tambo says. “If we can use this time to work on loving ourselves better and loving others better when this is all over, we will be ready to move forward as a collective like never before.”

The song was written prior to the global COVID19 crisis, but Tambo says its universal themes have taken on a new meaning as we are isolated from the things, places and people we love. Committed to empowering family and community, Mitch completed a Bachelor of Social Work in 2014 and is Co- founder of True Culture, an Aboriginal-owned business empowering and engaging people through Aboriginal culture. True Culture offer interactive cultural performances, mentoring and empowerment workshops for boys and young men, cultural awareness workshops and music performance and songwriting workshops.

Mitch is an engaging performer and community-minded spirit. His music has moved people the world over and he is passionate about sharing knowledge and experience of his culture. Not content with simply performing, Mitch is championing change and committed to promoting positive Indigenous experiences, walking the path of a true First Nations warrior.


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