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Peter Garrett talks the talk on 3KND in the Always Live Soundbox

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

3KND had a live broadcast Interview in the ALWAYS LIVE Soundbox with Peter Garrett.

Peter has spent a lifetime exploring the beaten and unbeaten tracks that run through this country and its people. In March 2024 he will release a new solo album called The True North recorded with his band The Alter Egos (which includes Martin Rotsey from the Oils on guitar). It’s a deeply personal reflection on his singular journey, drawing inspiration and sustenance from the living colours of Australia’s natural environment and the sights and sounds of modern OZ.

Peter Garrett is one of our most prominent living Australians. A renowned activist, former politician, and lead singer of Midnight Oil he is a long-time campaigner on a range of local and global issues including improving the life opportunities of Indigenous Australians, ending the climate crisis.

Gman and Peter yarned about these Indigenous issues, discussed the first single of the new album Innocence and the awesome clip.

Peter and The Alter Egos played live True North, Terror Australia and the forgotten years.

If you missed it live the audio will be up on our website. @alwayslivevic @visitvictoria


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