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Red Cross Seeking 100,000 New Blood and Plasma Donors

Ashleigh Hayles is the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood Regional Partnerships Coordinator, (Victoria) here in Bundoora.

Ashleigh, dropped in today to promote this month’s partnership between the Cancer Council and Red Cross Lifeblood for World Cancer day which was on February 4th.

Unfortunately we all know someone or have been effected in some way by a loved one who is going through their struggle at the moment or lost their battle with this disease that does not discriminate.

And what better way to show your support, by rolling up your sleeve and becoming a regular donor.

Sporting this month’s bandage designed by Beci Orpin, herself a regular donor,

was using the Daffodil, the iconic Cancer Council symbol.

Lifeblood is seeking 100,000 new Blood and Plasma donors this year and it’s getting easier to find out more on how you can become a new donor, resume being a donor or becoming more regular as a donor.

Listen in here to the interview…

Or for more information you can check out the website ….

Give Lifeblood a call on : 13 14 95

Or download the Lifeblood app on your phone.

Where to find it

Visit your app store and download the Donate Blood app for iPhone or Android.  


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