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Renee Geyer Chats about her Career on KoolNDeadly

Sometimes words aren't enough. All the things that have and will be said about Renée Geyer... one of the world's finest singers...Australian music legend...are true and undeniable, but saying that about her still doesn't say enough. Renée Geyer. Renee speaks to Gman about 50 years in the industry. Renée Geyer, a unique talent, not a singer whose career is dependant on yesterday or tomorrow's hit song, but someone who lives for her next performance, on stage or on record, someone who refuses to rest on her laurels. The voice was always there. From the first time she opened her mouth those who heard turned their heads, but that wasn't enough for Renée Geyer, still isn't enough for Renée Geyer. She's much more now than she ever was.

A precocious jazz, blues and soul singer in her late teens; Countdown royalty in her 20s; a string of pop, soul and reggae hits spanning the 70s and 80s; her LA years in the studio with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Sting, Joe Cocker and Chaka Kahn; her 90s renaissance with Paul Kelly.

Renee Geyer’s Live Stream Revisited Celebrating her 50 years in The Biz 7.30pm Friday 11 September,2020

Renée Geyer Fast Facts • Joined her first band, Dry Red, in Sydney 1970 • Renée's first album was self-titled, and was released in July 1972 • Her third album 'Moving Along' was recorded in America • Renée's 1981 hit 'Say I Love You'also reached #1. in New Zealand where she retains a strong following • During the 1980's and 1990's Renée spent many years between America and Australia and sang with artists including Sting, Chaka Kan, Joe Cocker, Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Brown • 'Dedicated' is Renée's 22nd album • Renée is one of the very few Australian artists that has had records in the Australian charts every decade since the 1970's. • In 2005, Renée was inducted into the ARIA Hall Of Fame

LIVE STREAM DATE: Friday 11 September 2020 TIME (AEST): 7.00-7.30pm: Digital Doors, 7.30-8.30pm: Showtime – and available online for 48 hours TICKETS: - $15Standard, $20 Group


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