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RnB and Hip Hop Singer, Taylah J Chats Up About 'White Lies'

Taylah J hales from a Samoan ancestry, raised in Australia from Goreng Goreng / Taribelangbunda country to Gubbi Gubbi / Kabbi Kabbi country, on which she now resides. Living and immersed in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, Taylah J has come to understand the trials and tribulations of this Countries First Nations Peoples.

Finding her place in this world has come through her ability to write down her thoughts and deliver them through her art form. RnB, Hip Hop have given Taylah J the opportunity to voice her message to her generation. A strong message with conviction, creating awareness of the issues faced by the youth of today. Taylah J band Stone Moth make it possible for her to create, and more importantly have fun whilst playing music.

This song was written by, Taylah J, Uncle Kev Starkey and Andy Ward. The final engineering and mastering was done by Dr. Lachlan Goold (Magoo).

White Lies is a call to change the date of Australia Day due to the dark history and suffering of it's First Nations Peoples. Taylah shares an educated view of the colonisation, destruction and racism in the history of this country, showing a youthful understanding on social issues, as well as social injustice, past and present.

We have been working quite hard with her and are about to really drop her on the world. We are working on a release strategy with the team I have been able to put together. White Lies was written with Full Acknowledgement and Respect to all Elders, Past, Present and Future, representing the Traditional Countries of Australia.

MGM Australia as Distribution, and as of today we have (John Zucco) (The Right Profile). John has put bands like (Birds of Tokyo) (powder Finger) and many more on the map.


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