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Rob Francis Talks about the Amazing Art of Spinifex

Rob Francis has been organising events to raise funds for MOSS Foundation’s clean water projects since 2005. He works in the extractive, waste, recycling & environment industry and is responsible for managing environmental compliance and stakeholder relationships for communities, governments and industry. Each year a collection of talented artists give their time and art to create skate deck master pieces in order to turn water into art. The art is displayed for all to admire while refreshments flow through the gallery with a silent auction running through the evening. Bidders can take home their prizes on the night.

This year featuring artwork by Spinifex, from Ltyentye Apurte . Rob yarns with Gman on Big Brekkie about the amazing art of Spinifex artist Emma Hayes. Rob states, “Wow! Loving everything about this deck! Such beautiful detail and use of colour”.

Rob Francis career experience includes developing recycling programs for Councils and some of Australia’s largest companies, as well as work in the fashion and construction industries. Rob was also Australia’s first professional skateboarder. Rob lives with his wife in Melbourne, Australia and has two adult children.

Moss Deck Art Show 2020 Turning Art Into Water for MOSS Foundation NEW DATES Fri 27 Nov - Fri 4 Dec After Lockdown! Physical & Online Exhibition Stay tuned for online bidding options! Off peak Covid Safe physical viewings. MOSS wants to keep you safe & obey the Covid rules


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