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Rock Sensation - Dreadful Tides, their new single, Rebel and their future Rocking the World

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

A big day on Drivetime as BB Adams will be interviewing the Hard Rocking Melbourne Based Band, The Dreadful Tides

The Dreadful Tides hailing from Melbourne, Australia exploded onto the airwaves in 2021 reimagining that classic 70s rock sound. Heavy riffs from the classic Les Paul and Marshall combo, deep drum sound that throws you back in your chair, bass lines taking you on a journey and the New Zealand voice no one can forget, this ferocious four piece are in a class of their own.

Consisting of Holden Stirling (Vocals), Justin Strudwick (Guitar), Wes Hopkins (Bass) and Leland Hallett (Drums), the powerful quartet have produced a highly driven sound, throwing you back to what hard rock was built on while presenting themselves as modern day rock masters.

Nailing that cross over between old verses new and showing what power The Dreadful Tides have with their first single Crazy, TDT hit the airwaves and with the help from a mind blowing “in your face” stage show, they quickly became a known name in the Australian rock scene.

Their following singles House of Pain and cover of the iconic Black Sabbath song N.I.B followed suit, continuing the trend of local and international airplay and a number of highly praised reviews.

Their fourth release Foul Play hit harder and with it TDT have continued growing their name following Foul Play with a string of local and interstate shows.


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