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Ruth Limkin from Banyans Healthcare Group Chats about Health and Wellbeing.

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Ruth Limkin is the CEO of The Banyans Healthcare Group and considers it a privilege to lead a team who embody the values of care, respect and joy. The Banyans Health and Wellness provides a recovery program that supports guests to achieve long-lasting, measurable results. Our comprehensive medical and biopsychosocial approach makes The Banyans Health and Wellness Australia’s premium residential recovery program. Ruth is my guest this morning around 8.30am to discuss Anxiety and that it is a paramount concern for Aussies as enquiries rise.

Anxiety can be extremely complex to navigate, particularly when it comes to identifying symptoms, triggers, and understanding how to deal with those emotions. It’s estimated that over two fifths (44%) of Australians aged 16-85 had experienced a mental disorder during their lifetime, with anxiety disorders affecting one in six (17%) Australians.

The Banyans Healthcare Group saw enquiries for anxiety increase by 278% in 2022 compared with 2021. Interestingly, research reveals only 3.4 million Australians aged 16-85 see a health professional for their mental health.

By being familiar with the symptoms of ongoing stress and anxiety, individuals can be equipped to identify these mental health issues if they begin to impact them. Symptoms of anxiety include a constant sense of nervousness, regular sense of panic, doom or imminent danger, increase in heart rates, hyperventilation, increased sweating trembling and challenges in concentration, insomnia, or sleep challenges.

While there are numerous strategies that can be effective in the manageme

nt of stress and anxiety, individuals with severe anxiety may reach a point where participating in a treatment program is the most effective way to fully recover.

With enquiries for anxiety growing along with individuals increasing seeking support for their mental health, it’s vital that Australians learn to recognise what anxiety looks like, what the common causes are, and what to do to lessen the negative impacts and improve overall wellbeing.

Delivered one day per week over six weeks at The Banyans Health Plus inner-Brisbane facility, the Anxiety Treatment Program offers convenience and flexibility. For more information, visit

Ruth is passionate about creating a better tomorrow. She has extensive experience starting and leading organisations that contribute to health and wellbeing.

Her interest in health and holistic wellbeing springs from many years of working with those experiencing a need for support. Having researched and written about community and social health, personal wellbeing, nutrition and food security, Ruth has also worked with those experiencing stress, substance misuse or searching for a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

Ruth is a certified analyst with TTISI for assessments of Behaviour and Communication, Emotional Quotient and Motivators. These reports provide insight into a range of areas that affect our professional and personal life.

Her experience in business, government, community and media provides Ruth with a breadth of leadership experience and an understanding of the various environments experienced by professionals and public figures.

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