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Sarah Dawson leading the way for Berry Street's cultural reconciliation.

Sarah is a Wiradjuri woman from New South Wales. With a passion to give back to Aboriginal communities, Sarah embarked on her professional journey with aspirations to have a positive impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples within the health care system. To see and be the change she aspired to, Sarah enrolled in to Charles Sturt University and graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science, specialising in Mental Health. Since then Sarah has completed the Developmental Psychiatry Course with Melbourne University, and the international Diploma of Therapeutic Lifestory Work. Sarah has eight years of clinical experience delivering culturally appropriate, trauma informed clinical services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, families and communities.

Sarah is currently in the role of Senior Manager, Aboriginal Service Development, utilising her practice knowledge and skills to enhance positive outcomes for service users across Berry Street. Sarah is leading the organisation’s first Reconciliation Action Plan, exploring ways to embed a culture of reconciliation, along with integrating culture into a variety of policies and procedures. Sarah supports Berry Street to understand, live and breathe reconciliation at its core. Berry Street believe children, young people and families should be safe, thriving and hopeful. Through Berry's Street RAP lead by Sarah Dawson, Berry Street hope to hope significant changes to throughout their organizations to assist in closing the gap, ending systemic racism and provide a more meaningful, holistic and cultural safe service to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.

In this podcast Sarah yarns with specialist Journalist Natasha Ferre about Berry Streets commitment to community.

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