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Sarah Sheridan, Lena Charles & Issac Muller spoke on Big Brekky

With support from Our Spirit Adventures, Spark Health is excited to bring 'Wellah Walks to Kokoda', a health and well-being program that will build and inspire positive Aboriginal youth role models in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. Sarah Sheridan (Director of Operations) and Lena Charles ( Project Officer) with Isaac Muller on phone talked, chatted and shared experiences of last years Kokoda trail. This trip is an opportunity for personal development that is once again open but to young indigenous women, they spoke live to air with Gman.

The Kokoda Trail is a trail in Papua New Guinea where the battles of World War II took place between the Australian and Japanese Soldiers. The trek includes challenging jungle terrain with various up and down hill climbs and multiple river crossings. The track starts in Kokoda and takes approx 10 days to walk the 97km journey up to Owers corner.

In 201

9 we selected Aboriginal males aged between 16-19 to become part of our 'Wellah Walks' program and complete the Kokoda trail in Papua New Guinea during November 2019. The Wellah Fellahs came together for 6 Wellah Together Sessions, 8 Wellah Walks Workshops featuring 5 awesome guest speakers and 4 training hikes across Victoria in preparation to take on Kokoda.

On November 1st 2019 the Wellah Fellah Boys embarked on their journey to take on the Kokoda trail. The boys spent the next 10 days immersed in the footsteps and learning about the history of WWII and the legacy of many Australian Soldiers, including Aboriginal Soldiers Harry and Reg Saunders. This year it’s about the women in-fact young girls to come on board and take on a challenge. So contact Wellah or Spark Health for more information.


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