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Senator Malarndirri McCarthy Talks About Engaging with the Victorian Communities.

Senator Malarndirri McCarthy is a Yanyuwa Garrawa woman from the Gulf country in the Northern Territory.

Senator McCarthy joined us here on Big Brekky to talk about her visit to communities here in Victoria, and the great work that our communities are doing in this state, and how progressive we are in the work being carried out.

She first entered the public sphere as a journalist with the ABC and then later with SBS/NITV.

Senator McCarthy was elected to the Northern Territory Assembly as the Member for Arnhem in 2005. During her seven years in the Assembly, she held the Ministerial Portfolios of Local Government, Regional Development, Indigenous Development, Tourism, Women’s Policy and Statehood.

She was elected as Senator for the Northern Territory and Christmas and Cocos Keeling Islands in August 2016.

Her experiences bring unique perspectives to the role of Assistant Minister for Indigenous Health, with a familiarity of challenges and opportunities facing Indigenous Australians and people living in rural, regional and remote areas.

Senator McCarthy’s focus is to bring communities together and ensure more Indigenous Australians can live longer, healthier and happier lives.

The Senator visited communities in Shepparton, Echuca and here in Narrm/Melbourne talking to our Elders and community members about the issues that are affecting them, whether it be flood affected communities,

To the rising cost of living, the health of our mob, or the lack of affordable housing. She also met with many different multicultural community members who wanted more information on the Voice to Parliament.

For more information on Senator McCarthy, please go to: Malarndirri McCarthy

Photo Credits: Senator McCarthy


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