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Sharna Brown Chats About Mob Walks And Her Role

Ngata nagthoo-ngat leengyoong Sharna (hello my name is Sharna) I am a proud Gunditjmara woman of the Kilcarer gundijt, Gilgar gunditj clan groups, we are saltwater and freshwater people. I love working in an environment where I can contribute to the community, as it feels like I am following in the footprints of my ancestors to strengthen our ngeerraang meerreeng (mother earth). I also have my own business in cultural consultancy where I support mainstream organisations to cross the cultural abyss, giving them knowledge and confidence to become a culturally responsive business. Sharna Brown started Mob Walks. Mob Walks is all about health and wellbeing and just getting mob back outside and on country.

Mob Walks set daily walking challenges and all First Nation community share their progress, they post which country they are sharing from, we have mob from all over sharing. We also do group walks weekly now every Saturday at 12pm after most of the kids have finished Basketball. Aunty Rieo saw something special in what Sharna was doing and has jumped on board in full support and is helping Sharna lead this. The usual group walks starts off with Mob Walks talking about the land we are about to walk on gracefully, then they yarn about a particular topic for example.

Mob Walks did a walk against family violence and had their elders and young’s talk about what that means to them. We also did a walk along the WIckey Walks trail at Barrbinin beek Gathering place in honour of Alan Wickey who passed away. Mob Walks next walk will be a Mob Walks Nature hunt and that will be about connecting with their sense’s hear, smell, see, touch. They then provide the group with fruit and water and have a yarn after- which Sharana now have VAHS throwing in some vouchers for. Sharna’s goal is to get some funding to make some shirts up and would love to make PEDOMETRES watches for community

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