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Simon Storey Chats about his Work with The Storey Players

Peter Craigie was a Wangkamadla man who rode his horse 1700 kms from North West QLD to Adelaide to enlist and fight in WW1. The Storey Players are working with his relatives to create a show based on his life for young people to be premiered in July 2021 in Victoria and then toured in the region where the story is based - North West Qld. Simon and Tina Storey yarn with Gman about this production and share the story of this amazing man. The production will include the endangered Pitta Pitta language, interactive theatre and a dash of magical realism to sweep you away on his journey from a drover in outback QLD to fighting the enemy in the trenches of Europe.

Simon Storey has been making theatre for 30 years. His love of theatre began in Sydney where he completed a NIDA short course, afterwards moving to London to study Expressive Mime with Adam Darius, and Theatre Performance at the London Academy Drama School. After living and performing in London for three years, Simon returned to Australia where he became a founding member of the Chapel of Change theatre company based in Melbourne. He also furthered his education by studying Small Theatre Companies and Community Theatre at NMIT in Melbourne.

Simon has had extensive experience bringing exciting, curriculum-based theatre to schools in Europe where he founded Footslog English Language Theatre with Terry McDonagh in Hamburg, Germany. Footslog was dedicated to bringing curriculum-based, intelligent and fascinating theatre to children in schools in Europe and operated for six years between 2003 and 2009. The Storey Players was founded in 2015 by Tina and Simon Storey to continue creating theatre in Australia. They launched the company in 2017 with a 17,000-kilometre tour of ‘The Ghost of John King’ along the route Burke, Wills, Gray and King actually travelled over 150 years ago.

Since then, The Storey Players has become a DGR - 1 status charity and regularly travels to remote Indigenous communities to facilitate drama workshops to strengthen self-confidence and improve literacy skills. Tina Storey studied piano and ballet and began performing at 10 in Germany at the Oldenburg Theatre working with such notable directors as Hans Haeckermann and Peter Grisebach. She then studied photography at Foto Schmidt and later specialised in portrait and theatre photography in black and white. Tina worked with Simon at Footslog English Language Theatre on script development, costume design and music as well as being the official photographer. Tina is the Creative Director of The Storey Players and creates costumes and props for the show, is the official photographer, principle script advisor and sound operator.

VOLUNTEERS: Peter Cragie (back row, second from the left) before leaving for France in 1916. In the front row is his Mount Isa friend Jack Dally


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