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Simply Bushed yarns about their support of the ANZAC Spirit

Paul Grierson and Chris Rieger form the duo, Simply Bushed are true dinkum Aussie’s who love what they do and that’s reflected in there songs, songwriting and performances. Their songs are powerful and emotive, and their dance nights are as famous as their epic performances themselves. Paul and Chris yarned to Gman on 3KND about there support of the ANZAC Spirit and how COVID-19 has affected there lives...

Having released the single, “Raise Your Glass” on Remembrance Day last year; the single, as well as their EP Military Issues, is a tribute to those who serve and the emotive significance of ANZAC Day. Having played for Australian and allied troops in the Sinai and Solomon Islands, and both with military ties in their families – it’s an issue that remains close to their hearts and inspired


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