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Smartphones are Becoming Essential to Stay Connected & Productive

Garry McGregor is Vice President of IT and Mobile at Samsung Electronics Australia, he previously held the position of Sales Director at Samsung for three years. Garry has over ten years’ experience in business leadership, previously working with telecommunication brands such as Nokia Mobile as Account Director, Director of Devices for Optus and Sales Director for HTC in ANZ. At Samsung, Garry’s primary responsibility is driving Samsung’s IT and Mobile division which includes products such as smartphones, wearables and services such as ‘Samsung Pay’. Garry has been at the forefront of Samsung’s mobile projects in Australia such as the launch of 5G with the Samsung S10 5G, Samsung’s Galaxy A series smartphones, and more recently – Samsung’s new line of Galaxy Active2 smartwatches. Garry currently lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife and child.

Innovation is the new name of the game with technology having become a great enabler of our time. With the onset of remote working, Australians require higher performance devices, with almost half (44%) of Aussies purchasing new smartphones, preferring to buy premium to help with working at home. For homebodies reluctant to go out for COVID-19 related reasons, choosing the right smartphone has been essential in ensuring they don’t go stir crazy. As a result, a quarter (26%) of Aussies haven chosen premium smartphones for entertainment purposes while being stuck at home. For aspiring in6uencers and smartphone photographers, having a smartphone equipped with a high resolution, easy to use camera is vital. Over a third (40%) of Aussies have increased the use of their smartphones in the past year for social activities like shopping, reading news and posting on social media With remote working here to stay, almost half (44%) of Aussies prefer to buy premium smartphones to help with working from home Samsung is encouraging Aussies to review their tech needs and consider whether it might be time to update their devices.


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