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Smith Street Dreaming 2023

3KND broadcast live at Atherton Gardens in Fitzroy, it was a great to see so many people come out and enjoy the day despite the cold weather.

It was an amazing turnout for Smith Street Dreaming apart of the Leaps and Bounds Music Festival which continues to nurture thriving music supporting community and showcasing homegrown talent from up-and-coming locals, to internationally acclaimed artists.

The Leaps and Bounds Music Festival brings the warmth that our thriving music community inevitably craves at this time of year, and provides continued support to local artists, venues, and businesses with a smorgasbord of gigs to suit any punter’s palate.

From electronic to hip hop and jazz to rock, for all age groups.

Leaps and Bounds is a venues focused live music festival that specifically showcases home grown talent in music venues and music outlets across the City of Yarra.

It nurtures the next generation of musicians, celebrates the unique Australian music voice of our musical legends and makes connections for audiences.

So if you love live music as much as we do, you have come to the right place. Get involved and help us celebrate our home-grown talent!.

It was great to see so many community mob who are no stranger to Atherton Park gardens in Fitzroy. A place that holds a lot of significance to the Victorian Aboriginal community. Although the cold weather was in effect that didn’t stop the ceremony taking place.

The day was full with great artists which included a Lighting of Ceremonial Fire by Chris Hume and Welcome to Country by Uncle Colin Hunter Jnr.

With ceremonial traditional dance by the Djirri Djirri dancers, Murrundaya Yepengna Dance Troupe and Bandok Tati.

The music today was outstanding and MC Jason Timiru always knows how to bring people together.

Thank you to the musicians who performed today.

Uncle Johnny Lovett Uncle Herb Patten MpathSoul and Band Aunty Janice Banks Lee Sonnyboy Morgan

Thank you to the Leaps and Bounds team, all the Smith Street Dreaming team, the BBQ team did a great job feeding everyone, the coffee cart team by the Killara Foundation and everyone who was able to attend and those who listened to the live broadcast.

3KND Keeping Community Connected


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