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Sonz Of Serpent Release Their New Song "LIFE"

Adelaide based hip hop group Sonz Of Serpent formed in early 2017 and consists of 3 members C.bright stage name: Native emcee, J.ansell stage name: Native son, D.kite. stage name: Yowie they are from the Adnyamanthanha, Arrernte, Narrunga and Ngarrindjeri nations.

'Thru our music we hope to bring awareness of the daily struggles we face with story telling with sometimes humorous outlook on life but undeniable truths with our gritty Golden Era New York style of hip hop approach of wordplay and metaphors' All members have been apart of hip hop thru different elements before becoming emcee’s thru graffiti and dance. The Adelaide trinity’s spirited style, thoughtful lyrics and smooth flows will resonate with hip-hop fans and anybody who’s grown up in a humble lifestyle.

Sonz Of Serpent talks to Hayley MAC about their new single "Life" and their upcoming performance at WOMADelaide.


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