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Specialist Assistant Journalist Kirstyn Lindsay working from home on Woiwurrung country

Some 3KND Staff have worked from home over the last 7 weeks.. Here is another story from our team...My name is Kirstyn Lindsay..I was born in South Brisbane on the Yuggera/Jagera nation and grew up on the Yugembeh Nation, Logan City. My mother’s family originally come from the Wiradjuri nation in Western NSW and my father’s family from NSW and QLD. I've been in isolation since the pandemic was called so I am into my seventh week. It was important for me to get home as I live with Heart Failure and Diabetes Type 2 and would come up against some serious challenges if I contracted the virus.

I was supported by Gman and Erica and the team to go home and work. After a couple of weeks of setting up and settling in it has been all systems go working with Natasha on Standing Strong Together from afar. I have been working really well at home and have had some great conversations with members of the community who I have interviewed and given me their time. I live at home on the Woiwurrung Nation and care for two Budgies Summer and Blossom. They love me being home and especially enjoy it when I am talking on the phone for phone interviews. They appear as special guests on some of my interviews. I've have had some challenges, my family live in QLD so I've had a lot of time on my own but found great comfort in catching up with my Nanna, Aunty's and cousins on a video call for Easter and great conversations with my Aunty's and Godmother on the phone.

People have been really kind amongst the chaos, one woman on a support group for my district gave me a whole packet of stamps when I asked if someone was going to the Post Office and I've also had a couple of friends drop off some essentials and stay for a catch up in the front yard. I've been listening to podcasts and recordings of Elders and other medicine women and men from around the world who have been speaking on their interpretation of the shift we are facing with this pandemic. This has helped me get through in a positive light. Exercise, meditation and making herbal medicines has also been an important part in keeping happy and healthy.

I've enjoyed logging into The Weekly Service workshops on Saturday mornings and a fortnightly Cabaret that has kept me entertained from the comfort of my lounge room.

Last week I started up on the Spark Health Wellah Woman's online retreat so I am hoping to make some small goals regarding my health and working towards keeping active during Winter. I am trying to make the most of the 'go slow' in our way of life at the moment and can really listen into country now from turning everything off. I have had some ups and downs during this time but appreciate my team at 3KND and my role in the community. I have felt the sadness and suffering on a global scale but have also seen some incredible stories of positivity, connection, resilience and humour. I am looking forward to reuniting with my community on the other side of this.

Wishing everyone safety and health.


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