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Stand Strong with us on 3KND

As you may be aware, 3KND’s Standing Strong Together is the only radio program of its kind in Australia for especially created for the Preventing of Cycle of Family Violence Aboriginal Fund Victoria. Standing Strong Together is an award-winning program supporting community with Family Violence prevention and beyond.

Host Natasha Ferre has been working on the program for 18 months now and has presented stories from Family Violence services, Men’s behavioural changes programs, Youth and Cultural workshops, mental health to Drug, Alcohol and Gambling addiction just to name a few.

At 3KND We take a great deal of pride and passion when it comes to presenting a well-rounded, informative, and inspiring program and your listenership. Your support and feedback is very important to us and the programs success.

Now we need your support. You can help Standing Strong Together by completing a short survey that will provide us with essential feedback to ensure our content supports you and your loved ones.

Please take a couple of minutes to complete the survey here

We sincerely appreciate your time and support for Standing strong Together and hope that we can continue to provide you a useful, educational, and inspirational program to support you and your mob.


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