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Strong Brother Strong Sister. Supporting young mob from the grassroots up.

Strong Brother, Strong Sister is a culturally appropriate safe place for Aboriginal young people to access and thrive. It was seeded by Founder Cormach Evan after he identified and large gap between youth, connection to culture and mentors and support.

3 year’s after its inception, Strong Brother, Strong Sister is doing some amazing things for kids in community with its programs and mentorship. These programs not only guide, mentor and empower Aboriginal young people, they also improve Aboriginal young people’s health and wellbeing. From one on one Aboriginal Mentoring Programs, Aboriginal Youth Groups, Leadership Group and now LGBTQI support groups, Strong Brother Strong Sister on a mission to support young Victorian mob to be their absolute best in all that they do.

Cormach Evan’s joins us to explain just what work SBSS are doing to achieve this.


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