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Tarsh Bamblett is supporting young Indigenous women reclaim their power

Tarsh Bamblett has a message and it is powerful yet simple. Connect you to yourself, your soul & the mother country for healing of your wounds you have been carrying.

Tarsh has designed programs for young Indigenous women to reclaim their power and supporting the next generation of elders to live their best and powerful life.

Wala Sisters Expansion Program and her new her program at Dardi Munwurro - Strong Spirit have been created by Tarsh for all the women like her who never had an opportunity like this program gives.

For all Indigenous Female Youth to have a safe space to express yourself, connect deeper to your roots and re-awaken those ancestral linages. Her programs challenge old paradigms that don’t serve and support in breaking the cycles & strengthen our women to build strong communities around us by connecting one woman at a time.

She is powerful, unapologetic and deeply cares for her people. Tarsh joins us on Standing Strong Together to talk about the importance of self love, self empowerment , connection to Culture & Country and with aunties and elders.

Listen to the podcast below

Join us at 11am every Thursday on 3KND 15043am, digital or I heart radio to hear these wonderfully inspiring and informative stories with your host Natasha Ferré


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