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Tasmanian Man, Wayne Quilliam discusses his book Culture is LIFE

Professor Wayne Quilliam is a Tasmanian Man and one of Australia’s pre-eminent Indigenous photographic artists, curators and cultural advisors working on the international scene. The National Gallery of Victoria’s Melbourne Art Book Fair and Readings were honoured to have Wayne Quilliam, one of Australia’s leading Aboriginal creators discuss his work and the importance of documenting significant events for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in St.Kilda.

Culture is Life is a modern, photographic celebration of the diversity of Indigenous Australians. Wayne has an archive of thousands of images and interviews with Indigenous people across the country. Through the images in this stunning collection, Wayne's work explores the nuances of Indigenous thinking and identity and focuses on how the First peoples view their place within the contemporary culture of Australia.

The people featured in Culture is Life include many high-profile Indigenous Australians, as well as community members of different ages from Tasmania to the Torres Strait, offering insights into the dreams of youth and the reflections of Elders. With various feature sections on significant events such as Sorry Day and the All-Stars game, this book is an accessible gateway to better understand and appreciate the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, presented as a stunning and contemporary photo book.

Wayne’s awards include the 2009 NAIDOC Indigenous Artist of the Year, the Human Rights Media Award, the Walkley Award for photojournalism and the Supply Nation business of the year award. He was also a finalist in the 2016 Bowness Art Award. Wayne has created and curated over 300.


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