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Taylah J Voicing Her Message to the Youth Of Today

Taylah J, a proud young lady of Samoan Ancestry. Finding her place in this world has come through her ability to write down her thoughts and deliver them through her art form. Taylah J yarns on 3KND's Big Brekkie with Gman. RnB, Hip Hop have given Taylah J the opportunity to voice her message to her generation. A strong message with conviction, creating awareness of the issues faced by the youth of today. Taylah J band Stone Moth make it possible for her to create, and more importantly have fun whilst playing music. Dark wood Studio RLS has just released the band (Stone Moth) and their debut single (Sheeple).

STONE MOTH are made up of Aura Jade, TaylahJ, Will, Banger and Moth. Each artist brings a different genre to the band. Soul, Hip Hop, Rock/Funk, Blues and Metal, Just to name a few of the inspirations driving the creativity of this band. Five artists collaborating to deliver something new. A strong message through lyric's, a message that comes from the heart. When the band come together on stage their connection speaks volumes.


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