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Telia Nevile Talks Fringe Festival and New Show, Little Monster, On Big Brekkie

Telia Nevile is a writer and performer whose work combines pop culture homage, wry humour and raw honesty. Telia, like so many in the Fringe community is creating a new show (for the second year in a row) with no guarantee that it will see a live audience this year. Amongst all the uncertainty, the hope that we’ll be able to connect in the same space still wins out.

Little Monster is the bedtime story your parents hoped you’d never hear, examining the unwelcome voices of the inner demons in our heads and how they can take over our lives. A new solo show written in the rhyming style of Dr Seuss by multi-award winning writer and performer Telia Nevile, it promises that even when we feel the most alone, we’re all in this together.

Following in the footsteps of acclaimed 2020 work What Would John Hughes Do?

(Nominated for Best Cabaret, Melbourne Fringe and Best Cabaret Writing, Green Room Awards), Telia again weaves darker themes through a nostalgic framework that’s characterised by humour and honesty.

No matter what kind of happy front you see presented on social media feeds, most of us are walking around caught in a wrestling match with our inner demons. Whether you’re in a frustratingly circular conversation with doubt, woken up in a cold sweat by fear, or rooted on the spot by imposter syndrome, you’ve no doubt dreamed of kicking these little monsters out into the cold.

But how did they take up residence in the first place? And why are they trashing the joint? Settle in for a playfully ridiculous dive into our inner havoc, delivered with an empathetic wink and a few pained nods. Oh the lies we all tell, the facades we construct, To hide that inside it’s all really quite f*cked. Inner demons, what are they, and why are they here? Let's gag them and throw them right off of the pier! This may sound like a kids’ tale, a laugh and a lark, But listen real close coz it’s going to get dark...


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