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The First Peoples'Assembly all rounded up! Treaty Commissioner Jill Gallagher gives us the latest...

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Welcome to the new series of BALIT DHUMBA – STRONG TALK! I am Samantha Alexis, Treaty Correspondent for 3KND Kool N Deadly and we are here to talk all things Treaty and Self Determination!

You may have heard the Treaty Advancement Commission recently announced the election results for the First Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria (formerly the Aboriginal Representative Body). Now if you have not heard about the First Peoples’ Assembly and how all that works, in this weeks’ program I caught up with Treaty Advancement Commissioner Jill Gallagher for the rundown on the election of the First Peoples’ Assembly, the how and why it’s been set up and the next steps for the newly appointed Assembly members and Treaty!

Samantha Alexis, Treaty Correspondent


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