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The Mayor Susan Rennie Spoke on Big Brekkie

Councillor Susan Rennie was re-elected Mayor of the City of Darebin for the next twelve months while Councillor Susanne Newton was re-elected to the position of Deputy Mayor. Susan spoke on big Brekkie recapping the highlights of the council and the challenges 2019 had brought.

“In this last year we’ve seen over 600 new solar panel installations on homes; we have initiated a power partnership agreement with more than half the Councils in Victoria to pool their energy use and purchase renewable energy in the future; we have a new open space strategy which recognises the importance of our natural environment; we’ve also introduced a tree protection local law to ensure significant trees are protected; and we’ve introduced a food waste recycling scheme which will dramatically lower the amount of waste we send to landfill,” just to name a few, Mayor Rennie said. Susan wishes all the listeners on 3KND a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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