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The Pavilion School, Launch Reconciliation Action Plan

Since its founding The Pavilion School has been committed to the cause of Reconciliation. The Pavilion School has been fortunate to welcome a high proportion of students who are Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander or both.

3KND attended the RAP Plan launch with elders, teachers, students and facilitators present as the Pavilion School strengthened its engagement of indigenous students, staff and community through their Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

The Pavilion School’s student population is made up of young men and women who are Yorta Yorta, Wurundjeri, Gunditjimara, Djardawarjali, Wotjibiluk, Wemba Wemba, Djadjawurrung, Kamilroi, Gunai Kurnai and more.

As part of our commitment to the process of Reconciliation, The Pavilion School has sought to become a school that is culturally safe, culturally connected and culturally aware. To hold ourselves to this commitment The Pavilion School has created a Reconciliation Action Plan to ensure we are being accountable to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

Our RAP Plan is primarily driven by our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander School Community, led by Pavilion Indigenous Support Workers.

Our RAP Plan has three core dimensions: Respect, Relationships and Opportunities.

Within each of these dimensions are specific areas of focus, and activities, events, and partnerships that help us pursue these areas of focus.

The areas of focus within each dimension can change and shift over time, as can the activities, events and partnerships through which we pursue them.

To help support the ongoing implementation of our RAP Plan the school holds regular “mini-RAP” meetings consisting of Indigenous and non- Indigenous Staff.

To hold ourselves accountable and better incorporate community voice into our RAP Plan we hold two Big RAP meetings each year. These meetings are primarily spaces for Indigenous community, students and staff only, but non- Indigenous participants may attend on invitation.

The Pavilion School is proud of all we have achieved in pursuit of Reconciliation, building better educational and wellbeing outcomes for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, and building a safe, welcoming and aware school for our community.


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