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The Storyteller: Brother Glenn Shea

The Storyteller! What narrative do we hold about ourselves, our Culture and our history? Does our narrative hold the spiritual weight of our Ancestors or are we lightening the load in exchange for power in a system that is not Our Way? How do we maintain the integrity of who we are as Aboriginal, Indigenous, First Nations, Sovereign people and what do all of these words we've been entitled with (or chosen to associate with) mean? Are we Custodians and Care Takers or is Ownership now the term we resign to under the subtle regimes of capitalism that are an undercurrent to much of our political decision making today? Will Treaty empower our identity or further dissolve who we Truly are and the Powerful Magic we have inside that has a Right to Be. Glenn Shea and Merryn Apma Atkinson with Samantha Alexis on Balit Dhumba Strong Talk...


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