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The Storyteller Part 2 feat. Glenn Shea and Gavin Jennings

We play the Cultural Knowledge boardgame The Storyteller as a family and delve further into the importance of educating the community, family and Government about who we are as individuals and a collective Peoples'; and building our Self Narrative. Too often the road to change and the reinvention of the current "uncultured" structure is pulled to a halt and we wonder when the resistance against equality and the need for stereotypical boxing in and control of First Nation Australians will stop. What does tend to stop is progress. We revisit the address by former Aboriginal Affairs Minister Gavin Jennings; who will now pass on the batten to someone else to finish the race. Will the words of the former follow through or will disillusionment, the more well known narrative our People are accustomed to, take it's place? We hope to see the action and the attitudes of our former Affairs Ministers continue on in the near future.


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