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The Vixens Of Fall Sit Down With 3KND For A Chat

BB Adams was walking the streets of Tamworth as he heard some voices yell out his name and he turned to see the sassy girls of Vixens of Fall.

These three young women are vibrant and full of energy they joined the list of guests on the 3KND network.

They are a product of Queensland's Northern sugar cane fields, hot summers and cyclones, the Vixens of Fall are a reflection of their homeland. Sweet, hot and a little bit crazy!

Originally from Cairns, now North Brisbane, Queensland based; the three sassy sisters Nina, Wren and Lulu established their grasp on the world and soon discovered their love and passion of country music and continue to make strides in the Australian Country music scene.

2020 was the girls year; full of possibly and happy beginnings! Starting off their season at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, The Vixens had a successful run with achieving the Runner Up title at the Aristocrat Entertainer of the Year as a last minute entrant and then stealing the hearts and the show by winning the Battle of the Bands competition of TCMF.

Commencing 2021 with excitement and gratitude, Vixens of Fall had the privilege of being the opening act for 2021 Golden Guitar New Talent of the Year award winner - Melody Moko.

The girls were finalists in the Country category at the Queensland Music Awards and were the proud recipients of an ICMA - Independent Country Music Awards “Most Popular Independent Country Music Band 2021”.

Also adding to their accumulating list of blessings, Vixens of Fall were the opening act for Australian County rock band - The Wolfe Brothers at Nightquarter’s ‘Cowboys & Country Angels BnS Ball’ in May 2021.

These three ladies have such a sassy disposition about them that you can’t help but be enchanted by the glowing smiles that draw you in and dance you through their playful but heartfelt songs. Songs that quite obviously come from a place of passion and experience and aim to connect deeply with their audience.

The Vixens promise that 2022 will be a new year of growth and amazing new songs to come! They will ooze the country rock ethos that runs deep within the veins of Vixens or Fall. And let's be honest, who doesn’t want a piece of that?


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