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Torres Strait Islander Recruit Shyndalia Woosup Chats About Her Career In The Royal Australian Navy.

Navy recruit and proud Torres Strait Islander woman, Shyndalia Woosup was one of eleven Indigenous recruits who graduated from the Indigenous Pre-Recruit Program (IPRP) on 22 June 2023, at HMAS Cerberus on the Mornington Peninsula.

Shyndalia had a chat with Wendy on Big Brekky about her lifelong dream of joining the Royal Australian Navy, her journey on the IPRP program.

The IPRP is a seven-week program focusing on physical fitness, resilience and cultural identity and is completed prior to recruits commencing training with their respective services in either the Navy, Army or Air Force.

Shyndalia is a proud Anguthmuthi and Wakamin woman from Far North QLD, who has moved all the way to Victoria following her dream of a Navy career, starting at the Indigenous Pre-Recruit Program. The youngest of four siblings, Shyndalia was inspired to join the Navy by her best friend, role model and the biggest advocate in her life – her older sister.

“Larissa has always showed me the way to be the best person you can be. My sister has always set an example of having a goal with a career that you want. I’m a proud sister, especially of the way my sister has grown since she has been in the Navy. She is now a leading seaman based in Darwin and is raising 2 beautiful daughters. I am very proud of my sister and grateful to have her support me in my Defence career.”

A little about the Indigenous Pre-Recruit Program:

If you've been selected to join the Navy, Army or Air Force and want to develop your confidence, resilience, and fitness before you start, the seven-week Indigenous Pre-Recruit Program might be for you. You'll get a taste of being on a military base and leave with the fitness and skills to begin your career with confidence.

You'll gain the skills, knowledge and confidence required to overcome any challenge you face in your future career. The Indigenous Pre-Recruit Program includes classroom learning, physical fitness and adventure training.

The Indigenous Pre-Recruit Program is a six-week residential course which may be held at either the HMAS Cerberus in Victoria, Kapooka in New South Wales, or RAAF Wagga in New South Wales.

The program is also compatible with our mentorship program. We offer mentoring from current serving ADF members who can help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander recruits as they begin their careers in the Navy, Army or Air Force.

Photo Credit: LSIS James McDougall

Background info re IPRP ADF Careers - Career Pathways


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